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All-Laser LASIK in San Jose

Femtosecond All-Laser LASIK Re-defined

This breakthrough, computer-controlled, all-laser technology with its unique software provides Dr. Mandel with the highest technology, blade-free approach to creating the corneal flap for LASIK.

This results in unparalleled safety for the patient because no metal blade touches the eye, the flap edge is fashioned so as to create a tighter junction, and the bed and flap surfaces stick together more like Velcro thus achieving a firmer seal of the flap.

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Dr. Mandel customizes the corneal flap procedure according to each individual patient’s corneal anatomy. The patient may simply relax in comfort as the procedure is completed. Dr. Mandel, in association with Horizon Vision Centers is the only LASIK surgeon in Northern California to offer two different femtosecond laser platforms – the IntraLase and the Ziemer Z-4.

The femtosecond laser was approved by the FDA and became commercially available in 2001. Dr. Mandel is among an elite group of leaders in ophthalmology who continually evaluate advanced technologies and adopt them into practice as soon as he is convinced that they are safe and effective.

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