The Optima Team

Serving San Jose, Hayward, Castro Valley & Concord

Dedicated (ded’ e ka’ tid)

1.  to devote to a specific purpose
2.  devoted to work, duty

At OPTIMA, our dedicated cataract and laser teams personify both definitions. They are “dedicated” in that our teams are cohesive units, many of whom have worked together at our practice for decades. They are loyal to each other, loyal to the practice and loyal to our patients.

Additionally, they are a “dedicated” team in the sense that they have each been selected to be part of the cohesive unit that is specially trained and specifically designed for the technical and administrative exigencies of advanced laser and laser-assisted and cataract surgery. Their duties are specific to the performance of laser and cataract surgery in that the vast majority of their professional activities relate to the pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative care of the laser and cataract patient.

At OPTIMA Hayward we have 40 employees. Over one-third of our staff is fully dedicated to the facilitation and performance of advanced surgery.

At OPTIMA, we are both proud and honored to be associated with our team!

Kelly – Chief Office Administrator, Patient Counselor
Christina – LASIK Patient Counselor, Laser Center Technician
Helen – LASIK Patient Counselor, Laser Center Technician
Tracy – LASIK Patient Counselor
Berenice – LASIK Patient Counselor
Mary Christine, RN – Patient Counselor, Ambulatory Surgery Center Nurse
Christina, RN – Patient Counselor, Ambulatory Surgery Center Nurse
Candice, RN – Patient Counselor and Ambulatory Surgery Center Nurse
Linda – Laser Center Technician
Mary – Patient Counselor, Laser Center Technician
Catarina – Cataract Technician, Ambulatory Surgery Center
Nicole – Cataract/LenSx Laser Technician
Danielle – Cataract Technician Ambulatory Surgery Center
Laura – Cataract Operating Room Lead Technician
Jineth – Lead Patient Counselor for Cataract Surgery
Tasha – Patient Counselor for Cataract Surgery
Georginia – Patient Counselor for Cataract Surgery
Victor Catanzaro, OD – Doctor of Optometry and Lead LenSx Cataract Laser Professional
Sathyasri Narasimhan OD, PhD. – Doctor of Optometry
Sue Ristow, OD – Doctor of Optometry

They are not only a group of hardworking professionals focused on exceeding patient expectations, but we are proud that both our technical and administrative staff are knowledgeable, approachable, available, and customer-focused. Please feel free to call at any time for questions related to patient care, scheduling, or if you need additional patient education materials. They are always here to help.

If you have questions, or would like to schedule a consultation, please call us at 877-210-2020 ext. 3