Doctor Testimonials


There is no bigger compliment than when your peers choose you to perform surgery on themselves! We are proud to announce that Dr. Mandel is the surgeon of choice for doctors in the Bay Area! As we are all aware, doctors have an inside track to determine who are the most experienced surgeons. Doctors have continued to choose Dr. Mandel for themselves, their family and relatives, their staff, and their patients…year after year!

Please watch below to see what doctors have to say about their experience!

Why Doctors Choose Dr. Mandel for Their Own Surgery

Dodd Portman – Optometrist

Steve Faith – Optometrist

Tommy Lim – Optometrist

Lee Schwartz MD – Ophthalmologist

Nikki Jedrzynski MD – Ophthalmic Surgeon

Pamela Simons MD – Obstetrician/Gynecologist

One of the best things I have ever done for myself is having LASIK eye surgery with Mark Mandel, M.D. I have a very busy schedule and lifestyle, and having this surgery has made everything I do easier, clearer and less complicated. From reading, to skiing, to traveling, to developing new products, and most importantly to treating my patients. I couldn’t be happier with the results of my Lasik surgery.

Choosing Mark Mandel, M.D. was easy for me, because his reputation and expertise are well-known to me and other doctors within the medical community. His experience and integrity are exactly what every patient deserves. Additionally, I called a close friend in San Diego who is a prominent LASIK surgeon. He told me that there was only one LASIK surgeon in Northern California to go to….Dr. Mark Mandel.

I was lucky to have this information available to me, so I did not have to spend time trying to find the best surgeon. Physicians are fortunate to have a network to find the best doctor in each field. Having this “inside information” from within the medical community was invaluable to me. I constantly recommend him as the ”best there is” to my patients, friends and family…and everyone is thrilled with their results! For me, Dr. Mandel is the only choice for laser vision correction.

Katie Rodan, MD
Founding Dermatologist, Proactiv

I have had poor vision since I was 8 years old. I converted easily to contacts at 13 and wore them until age 45. Then I struggled with dry eyes and bad vision triggered by menopause. I couldn’t see with glasses or contacts. I was depressed. I had one option for my complicated condition-Lasik by the best Lasik surgeon. These are my eyes. I wasn’t taking any chances. All referrals led to Dr. Mark Mandel.

I think of him everyday since the procedure. I can see the clock at the bedside, read the tiniest print and drive on a rainy road at night with confidence. Dr. Mandel absolutely changed my life. I have sent over a dozen patients to him who are equally happy. He is The doctor for your precious eyes.

Kathy Fields, MD
Founding Dermatologist, Proactiv

Lee K Schwartz, MD Having finally reached that point in life where I wanted to have cataract surgery, I thought long and hard about who the surgeon would be. I had LASIK surgery in 2002 because of extreme nearsightedness.

As a practicing eye surgeon in San Francisco, I know all of the eye surgeons in the Bay Area. I initially thought of the convenience of having it done near my home. However, having known Dr. Mark Mandel for the past 30 years I realized it was worth the trip to see him at his Hayward office.

As an eye surgeon who has had advanced fellowship training in corneal and cataract surgery I of course felt very comfortable having the procedure. But I knew that the post-operative outcome could be tricky following a prior LASIK procedure.

As I was one of Dr. Mandel’s professors during his residency, I knew of his love and respect for the profession, his meticulous surgical technique and ability to personalize the surgical result.

So here I am three years later, continuing to practice ophthalmology and perform eye surgery. I also continue to teach the next generation of young eye surgeons and to mountain bike, drive to work and read medium size print without glasses. I will still use readers for extended reading and at times when needed in my practice. But most of the day I go without glasses. I am most grateful for Dr. Mandel’s kindness, his skill, and my wonderful surgical outcome. Thank you!

Lee K Schwartz, MD
Professor of Ophthalmology
CPMC San Francisco