Mark R. Mandel, MD

Mark R. Mandel, MD has been selected by hundreds of eye doctors and other physicians to perform LASIK, corneal transplant, and cataract surgery on themselves, their families, and their office staff.

Mark R. Mandel, MD

As a sub-specialist Dr. Mandel has performed over 70,000 LASIK procedures and 20,000 cataract/IOL procedures. He has been serving Bay Area patients since 1983.

Mark R. Mandel, MD

We are proud to offer state of the art technology for measuring the eye and performing the latest in advanced surgical techniques… always striving to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Mark R. Mandel, MD

Graduate of Oxford University, UCLA School of Medicine, Fellowship trained cornea transplant and refractive specialist. Chosen by more surgeons to perform surgery on themselves and their families.


Professionals Choose Dr. Mark R. Mandel

Physicians and their staff have a wide variety of laser surgeons from whom to choose. However, unlike yourself, they have the ability to do more detailed research through a complex network of health care professionals. A ‘Doctor’s Doctor’ is a term used by physicians and health care professionals to define a highly respected physician who they would send their friends and family members to or even go themselves. This physician gains respect over the years based on clinical expertise and patient outcomes in a specialty. Doctors are in a unique position to know where to find the best doctors in their community.

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Dr. Mandel has earned a reputation as a doctor’s doctor in Northern California. Clinicians commonly seek his care for themselves and refer family and friends when eye care issues arise. Below is a partial list of physicians, surgeons, and optometrists, as well as their relatives and staff members, upon whom we have performed surgeries such as LASIK, LASEK, cataract surgery, EPI-LASEK, or PRK in San Jose or other locations.

MDs who have chosen us to perform surgery upon themselves:

Brungardt, James – Vascular Surgeon Modesto
Calhoun, Paul – Dermatologist Arizona
Campbell, Matthew – Internal Medicine Brentwood
Campbell, Mearl – Opthalmology Livermore
Chandler, Kala – OBGYN Hayward
Chappell, Ann – Psychiatrist Oakland
Cruikshank, John – Pediatrics Modesto
Dawson, Laurie – Emergency Medicine Modesto
Evnin, Kerry – Family Practice Modesto
Feldstein, Charles – General Surgeon Hayward
Ferrari, Michelle – Child Psychiatrist Cupertino
Fields, Kathy – Dermatology Bay Area
Fisseha, Seble – Pediatrician Oakland
Fluence, Joseph – Anesthesiologist/Pain Management Modesto
Fontaine, James – Radiologist San Ramon
Francis, Patti – Pediatrics Lafayette
Gee, Tiffany – Family Practice Tracy
Gelbert, David – Nephrology Santa Cruz
Getzelman, Julia – Pediatrician San Francisco
Goldman, Jerrald – Orthopedic Surgery San Ramon
Grabow, Ken – Anesthesiologist Newport Beach
Grant, Joseph – Orthopedic Surgeon Pleasanton/San Ramon
Green, Paula – Anesthesiologist Modesto/Sacramento
Guzman, Jose – Anesthesiologist Salinas
Hardy, Robert – Orthopedic Surgeon Pleasanton
Havener, Allen – Radiology Oakland
Herbert, Alexander – Orthopedic Surgeon Sun Valley, ID
Hume, Robert Crystal Bay
Hussain, Hussan – Cardiologist Modesto
Im, Taeho – Anesthesiology Modesto
Juareguito, John – Orthopedic Surgeon Walnut Creek
Kohleriter, Eric – Internal Medicine Hayward
Lal, Shalini Los Angeles
Langmuir, Virginia Menlo Park
Lee, Russell – DDS Oakland
Logan, Avis – Family Practice Oakland
Logvin, Fedor – Anesthesiologist Castro Valley
Lollar, Mark – Obstectrics & Gynecology Alamo
Loller, Stephanie – Dentist San Jose
Loman, Jane – Ophthalmologist Oakland
Lovett, Craig – Orthopedic Surgery Altaville
Mall, Wayne – Pulmonary (retired) Fremont
McConnell, Mark – Pediatrics/ICU San Jose
McMillan, Lisa – Orthopedics Turlock
Melone, Paula – Perinatologist Walnut Creek
Mevi, Jason – Internal Medicine Los Banos
Murphy, Frederick – Pediatrics/ICU Modesto
Murphy, Marcella – Pediatrician Modesto
Myers, Danielle Modesto
Nagarajan, Babitha San Jose
Nash, Andrew – Pediatrics Alamo
Ng, Theresa – Pediatrics Modesto
Okamura, Tessie Walnut Creek
Panganiban, Walter – Family Practice Pleasanton
Pham, Liza – Pediatrics Modesto
Phan, Nguyen – General Surgeon Oakland
Quan, Cynthia – Pediatrics Alamo
Riehle, Douglas – Radiologist San Ramon
Roberts, Edwin – General Practice Retired
Rodan, Katie – Dermatology Oakland
Rosenwein, Marilyn – Obstectrics & Gynecology San Mateo
Shabart, Elmer – Surgeon Retired
Simon, Barry – Emergency Medicine Oakland
So, Kirk – Radiologist San Francisco
Soper, Rachelle – Emergency Medicine Modesto
Stevenot, Anne – Dermatologist Soquel
Sue, Don – Dentist Livermore
Tajirian, Ani – Dermatology/Mohs Surgeon Oakland
Takase-Sanchez, Michelle – OB-GYN San Jose
Tam, Tony – General Surgeon Modesto
Tanner, Steve – DDS Walnut Creek
Thompson, Tracy – Pain Management Pleasanton
Tillim, Jeremy – Emergency Medicine Castro Valley
Vorse, Kimberly – Anesthesiologist/Pain Management Sun Valley, ID
Winters, Randy – Obstectrics & Gynecology Modesto
Wong, Jadene – Pediatrics San Jose
Wong, Vernon – Orthopedics Modesto
Wotowic, Paul – Plastic Surgeon San Ramon
Wynn, Michael – General Surgeon San Ramon

Optometrists who have chosen us to perform surgery upon themselves:

Nguyen, Uyen Hayward
Yu, Way Richmond
Asher, Kim Castro Valley
Asmus, Paula Richmond
Baker, Caroloyn San Jose
Bell, Barbara Los Gatos
Bronge, Matthew Brentwood
Cazden, Burton San Francisco
Chatwani, Shital Newark
Chi, Amy Campbell
Chin, Freda Turlock
Chun, Judy San Francisco
Corcoran, Richard Marina
Cushing, Linda Walnut Creek
Dally, Craig Campbell
Dear, Weyland San Jose
Folkers, David Sunnyvale
Fong, Joshua San Leandro
Gallagher, David Modesto
Helmus, Joann Davis
Helmus, Mark Davis
Inadomi, Suzan Hayward
James, Brendan Modesto
Kamena, Marshall Livermore
Kiggins, Thomas Redwood City
Lacey, Laura Concord
Laffin, James Patterson
Lewis, Jeffrey Orinda
Lim, Thomas San Jose
Lum, Randall San Francisco
Mah, Joan South San Francisco
Milano, Alan Fremont
Narayan, Rohit Campbell
Nebeker, Neil Merced
Ng, Joann Daly City
Ngan, Julie San Jose
Nguyen, Thanh Byron
Nyssen, Jan Cupertino
Pham, Brittany Milpitas
Pham, Nicole San Jose
Portman, Dodd San Jose
Rowley, Gerald Retired
Ruzicka, Chris Concord
Scharff, Dorit San Jose
Shipman, Elizabeth Modesto
Thompson, Kim Santa Cruz
Tsujimoto, Eugene Fremont
Vue, Pahoua Merced
Wu, Stephanie Castro Valley (retired)
Yang, Andy Pleasanton

Relatives of doctors who have chosen us to perform surgery upon themselves:

OD or MD
Janice Nelson – wife Gary Nelson, O.D. Alameda
Martha Johnson – mother Ilene Polhemus, O.D. Los Gatos
Brian Athos – son Laurence Athos, M.D. Castro Valley
Christine Bachelor – wife Eric Bachelor, M.D. Castro Valley
Bruce Baird – brother-in-law Jim Pietrantonio, O.D. Los Gatos
Allison Bell – wife David Bell, M.D. Fremont
Amy Bell – niece Eldon Rosenow, O.D. Modesto
Kathleen Brennan – wife Nat Finkel, O.D. Albany
Caryllynn Brewer – wife Dennis Brewer, O.D. Turlock
H. Brink – wife Robert Brink, M.D. San Mateo
Michael Burton – son Fred Slater, O.D. Campbell/Cupertino
Jan Cazden – wife Burton Cazden, O.D. San Francisco
Phyllis Chinn – wife Brent Chinn, O.D. Mountain View
Alison Christie – daughter Nicholas Christie, O.D. Lafayette
Elaine Christie – sister Nicholas Christie, O.D. Lafayette
Karyn Concoran – sister-in-law Richard Corcoran, O.D. Marina
Lorena Cuevas – sister Veronica Staples, O.D. Pleasanton
Brian Cushing – cousin Linda Cushing, O.D. Pleasant Hill
Terri Dally – wife Craig Dally, O.D. Campbell
Dorothy DaShiell, R.N. – wife A.N. DaShiell, M.D. Stockton
Vi Doan – sister Ha Lai, O.D. Milpitas
Alexandro “Lexie” Ek – cousin Nicholas Christie, O.D. Lafayette
Christine Elliott – wife Brian Elliott, O.D. Modesto
Andrew Fabian – Son Larry Fabian, OD San Jose/Saratoga
Judy Feldman – wife Scott Feldman, O.D. San Jose
Dora Gin – mother Victor Gin, O.D. Fremont
Colleen Goldsmith – wife Stanley Goldsmith, M.D. Hayward
Susan Grivas – daughter Plato Grivas, M.D. Palo Alto
Jennifer Ho – wife Lin Ho, M.D. San Francisco
Valerie Inouye – wife John Neishi, O.D. San Leandro
Robert James – son Brendan James, O.D. Turlock
Greg Jetter – husband Pamela Jetter, O.D.
Barbara Kamena – wife Marshall Kamena, O.D. Livermore
May Kan – wife Raymond Kan, O.D. Moraga
Kamaldeep Keswani – wife Rahul Keswani, O.D. El Cerrito
Pamela Knotts – wife Donald Knotts, M.D. Castro Valley
Susan Lavieri – wife Michael Lavieri, O.D. Manteca
Lisa Layton – daughter Scott Feldman, O.D. San Jose
SuAnn Lee-Chin – wife Daniel Chin, O.D. Alameda
Bonnie Lim – wife Thomas Lim, O.D. San Jose
Jasmine Madlangbayan – sister Donna Madlangbayan, O.D. Hayward
Ryan Madlangbayan – brother Donna Madlangbayan, O.D. Hayward
Patricia Matthews – wife Douglas Eck, M.D. Merced
Kathleen McBride – relative Charles McBride, M.D. Modesto
Deanna Merrigan – wife Timmothy Merrigan, M.D. Walnut Creek
Phillip Mook – brother Melanie Mook, O.D. Antioch
Mimi Mott – sister-in-law Matthew Bronge, O.D. Brentwood
Duy Nguyen – husband Ha Lai, O.D. Milpitas
Lisa Nyssen – wife Jan Nyssen, O.D. Campbell
Mary Pedersen – wife Raymond Pederson, O.D. Fremont
Virginia Porciuncula – aunt Generoso Porciuncula, M.D. Hayward
Catherine Portman – sister Dodd Portman, O.D. San Jose
Lucia Portman – wife Dodd Portman, O.D. San Jose
James Putnam – husband Sue Ristow, O.D. Walnut Creek
Laura Reyes – sister Alejandra Reyes, O.D. Fremont
Pritam Sabharwal – relative Maskeen Sabharwal, M.D. Fremont
Paul Sassenrath – brother-in-law Larry Fabian, O.D. Saratoga
Emili Scaief – Daughter Lee Scaief, OD Oakdale
Agnes Shintani – mother Kelly Shintani, O.D. Orinda
Elizabeth Slater – daughter Fred Slater, O.D. Campbell/Cupertino
Mary Sylvester – sister-in-law Roy Black, M.D. Fremont
Carolyn Tandrow – wife Timothy Tandrow, O.D. San Francisco
Janette Tom – cousin Janis Gong, O.D. Los Gatos
Lori Tomimatsu – cousin Scott Yokoi, O.D. Oakland
Aileen Tsujimoto – wife Eugene Tsujimoto, O.D. Fremont
Elma Ure, R.N. – wife Herbert Ure, M.D. Lafayette
Darin Viramontes – son Dawn Viramontes, O.D. Oakdale
Anthony Wang – brother Michael Wang, O.D. Elk Grove
Marianne Wing – wife Gerald Wing, O.D. Ceres
Valerie Wong – daughter Norman Wong, O.D. San Francisco
JoAnn Yamada – wife Randy Yamada, O.D. Danville
Susan Zeme – wife Mark Zeme, M.D. Castro Valley

Technical Staff of doctors who have chosen us to perform surgery upon themselves:

OD or MD
Curt Andre, O.D. / Turlock Cynthia Martinez office manager
Marcie Arnesty-Olian, O.D. / San Mateo Allen Amante technician
Chris Pasco optician
Judy Yip optician
David Barreto, O.D. / San Jose Peggy Gafvert receptionist
Dee Lindemann optician
Berry & Julien Optometric / Turlock Kathy Hollis office manager
Lisa Jones optometric technician
Diane Mendoza optometric assistant
Bernie Pedro LASIK coordinator/contact lens technician
Anna Ybarra frame stylist
Robert Black, M.D. / Fremont Lorena Perez medical assistant
Roy Black, O.D. / Hayward Cindy Heisler assistant
Coni Bloomingcamp, O.D. / Oakdale Carol Henderson optometric assistant
Kathryn McMahon technician
Brentwood Optometric / Brentwood Leslie Morris office manager
Dennis Brewer, O.D. / Turlock Lanice Bostwick book keeper
Donna Rehana office manager
Mathew Bronge, O.D. / Brentwood Cassandra Aldrich optometric assistant
Frank Burger, O.D. / San Jose Jennifer Stevenson optometric assistant
Matthew Chan, O.D. / Concord Susan Cobb-Silver paraoptometric
Tracey Robinson optometric assistant
Stephen Choy, O.D. / San Jose Geraldine Avanzado optician/office manager
Lavonne Cacas optician
W. Alan Clark, O.D. / Mountain View Beth Davis optician
Terry Coates, O.D. / Modesto Karen Crooks-Guzell staff
Shannon Sparks staff
Richard Corcoran, O.D. / Marina Greg Babione optician
Cushing & Gan / Walnut Creek Angel Chang optician
Charles Daily, O.D. / Modesto Karen Mando staff
Robert DiMartino, O.D. / Lafayette Tamara Bradshaw optician
Brian Elliott, O.D. / Modesto JoAnne Hurley optician
Dena Yazembiak staff
Sidney Emerson, O.D. / Los Banos Renee Hollenkamp office manage
Rosemary Moitoza staff
Scott Feldman, O.D. / San Jose Christy Blanchette optometric assistant
Doug Fleming, O.D. / Sonora Dolores Moody optometric assistant
Foothill Optometric Group / Pleasanton Lonnie Arnold insurance coordinator
Debbie Cantu administrator
Deseree Cecchini optometric technician
Holly Hasper administrative assistant
Davis Smith technician
Kathleen Smith administrative facilitator
Mia Teetsel administrative assistant
Noy Viengmyxay optometric technician
David Gallagher, O.D. / Modesto Earlene Schmidt optician
Benjamin Gaynor, O.D. / Orinda Jonathan Lucas optician
Drs. Gilman & Gilman, / Quincy Trina Johnston optometc assistant
Kimberly Ringo assistant
Gary Hamill, O.D. / San Mateo Lynette Garcia optician
James Han, O.D. / Cupertino Christina Shin staff
Carl Hirsch, O.D. / Walnut Creek Jennifer Keenan optican assistant
Hollister Vision Center / Hollister Jessica Gonzalez optician
Kerry Horner, O.D. / Modesto Janice Simmons optometric assistant
In Focus Optometry / San Jose Robin McCarthy optician-ABOC
Chris Iwata, O.D. / Angels Camp Tamara Dragomanovich optician
Beth Kuchman optician assistant
Keith Kajioka, O.D. / Modesto Jennifer Kajioka office manager
Elsa Nguyen optometric assistant
Sophia Palacios optician
Karen Kallmann, O.D. / San Jose Carolina Phelps optometric technician
Marshall Kamena, O.D. / Livermore Bonnie Nobriga office manager
Diana Pasut staff
Jennifer Kao, O.D. / San Jose Jennifer Kuan Receptionist
Thomas Kiggans, O.D. / Redwood City Gabriela Alfaro optometric technician
Ann Kinoshita, O.D. / Sunnyvale Helen Ocumen optical technician
Drs. Lacey & Ruzicka, / Concord Jalene Andes optical assistant
James Laffin, O.D. / Patterson Veronica Esquivel optometric assistant
Donald Lasher, O.D. / San Jose Janet Jones optician
William Lenon, O.D. / San Jose Michele Neves office manager
Saul Levine, O.D. / San Jose Sandra Maltbie office manager
Norma Levingston, O.D. / San Jose Danielle Bertram optician
Efrem Valentin optician
Thomas Lim, O.D. / San Jose Lavonne Rodriguez-Duarte office manager
Jeffrey San Diego optician
Livermore Optometric Group / Livermore Donna Gravett optician
Karen Huntoon optometric assistant/technician
Gary Louie, O.D. / Union City Rovina Murti optician
Sharon Lutosky, M.D. / Modesto Debby Aseltine optical technician
Mark Maher, O.D. / Morgan Hill Ahiyde Villarreal assistant optician
Meridian Family Eye Care / San Jose Binh Bui optician
Eric Miedema, O.D. / Modesto Ingrid Feczko optician
Lucy Jaska optician/sales representative
Tom Mihok, O.D. / Oakdale Vera Vargas receptionist
Tracy Miller, O.D. / Los Gatos Kin Looc optician
Milpitas Optometric Group / Milpitas Melissa Pyle optician
Mountain View Optometry / Mountain View Natalie Huynh optometric assistant
Ines Silveira optometric assistant
Neil Nebeker, O.D. / Merced Amanda Ruiz billing supervisor
John Nelson, O.D. / Castro Valley Nancy Chaump office manager
Laura Escobedo lab assistant
Michelle Nepomuceno optometric assistant
Edward Nuccio, O.D. / Gina Cudo office manager
Optical Illusions / San Mateo Layla Ngo optician
OPTIMA Ophthalmic / Hayward Bonnie Batty R.N.
Helen Cole LASIK coordinator
Denise Englese data entry
Michael Fragoso
Sheryl Freeman LASIK coordinator
Jasmin Garcia laser center technician
Joan Hernandez transcription
Denise Rojel billing
Anna Skrentny medical assistant
Amanda Van Loon R.N.
Michael Ottati, O.D. / Walnut Creek Franni Santelises optician
Raymond Pedersen, O.D. / Fremont Jill Dunn optometric assistant
Mercado Santos receptionist
Dodd Portman, O.D. / San Jose Tonia Brown optician
Carol McIntyre optician
Randall Ramsey, O.D. / Pleasanton Ernest Hunt assistant manager
Eldon Rosenow, O.D. / Modesto Christina Bambacigno assistant
Susan Wiens optometric assistant
San Ramon Family Optometry / San Ramon Heather Brandt optometric assistant
Stacey Gomez optometric assistant
Betty Widdows optical assistant
Saratoga Vision Center / Saratoga Nancy Le optometric assistant
Maria Vergano receptionist
David Schymeinsky, O.D. / Hayward Beth Palicz cashier
Paula Shadid, O.D. / Rohnert Park Elizabeth McKeown optometric assistant
Donny Shiu, O.D. / San Jose Joseph Chuang staff
Nancy Shoji, O.D. / Modesto Heather Folks staff
Guadalupe Moore data entry
Fredrick Slater, O.D. / Campbell Veronica DeLaCruz lab technician
Ann-Charlotte Riberio receptionist
Blanca Tapia optician
Vision Faire Optometry / Modesto Jessica Allen optometric assistant

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