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Activities You Will Want to Experience with Improved Vision After Clear Lens Extraction

Clear Lens Extraction in San Jose Those who wear glasses and contact lenses understand the struggles that accompany them when engaging in certain activities, such as sports. Many patients achieve independence from eyewear after having vision correction surgery like clear lens extraction (CLE), which replaces the eye’s natural lens with a synthetic one to correct vision. Bay Area CLE and cornea specialist, Mark Mandel, MD, has achieved outstanding results for many satisfied patients. Ahead, explore the many exciting experiences that you can enjoy after CLE.

Work and Reading

Imagine using your laptop or getting immersed in a great book without reaching for your glasses and without the eye dryness or irritation that can arise with contact lenses. You may find it easier to focus on important tasks, free from eyewear-related interruptions.


While many people love to travel, few enjoy the inconvenience of packing extra pairs of eyeglasses and contact lenses, or accessories such as cases, contact solution, or eyedrops to keep contacts moist. If you do not have room in your suitcase for your eyewear, or simply forget to bring them, you may be left in a predicament if your eyeglasses break or your contacts become ripped or unwearable during your trip. Crisp, clear vision is an asset when exploring new places, allowing you to become immersed in your surroundings.


Athletic individuals know that eyeglasses are rarely the best option while participating in sports. Outdoor activities in humid weather can make glasses fog up, and sweat can lead them to slip off the face. Sweat can also get into the eye when you are wearing contact lenses, leaving you without clear vision when you need it the most. These situations could lead to injury on the field, which is why CLE is an attractive option for many in sports.


Eyeglass wearers who use makeup often have difficulty applying certain products evenly, leading to an undesirable finished result. This is because glasses must be removed during the application. As well, if you wear contact lenses, you must remember to put them in before you start your eye makeup, or else you may have difficulty putting them in without smearing your freshly applied eyeliner or mascara.

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