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How to Treat Dry Eye

Dry eye is a condition that occurs when your body is unable to produce enough tears to lubricate the eyes, or the tears you produce are of poor quality. If you experience dry eye, your eyes will feel itchy and uncomfortable. Having dry eye can also cause blurry vision and a sensitivity to light, and make it difficult to see at night.

As a leading Bay Area LASIK and cornea specialist, Mark Mandel, MD, of Optima Eye is very knowledgeable with dry eye. To ensure that his patients avoid any unnecessary discomfort, he offers the following suggestions for dealing with dry eye.


The first solution Dr. Mandel recommends to any patient experiencing dry eye is artificial tears. Non-preserved teardrops, available over the counter, are often sufficient to relieve your symptoms when applied approximately every hour. Dr. Mandel may prescribe medicated eye drops (Restasis, Cequa or Xiidra) for better results, though these prescriptions will not work for everyone. Sometimes, tears made from the components of the patient’s own blood can also be very helpful.

Punctal Plugs

You may also benefit from punctal plugs. These tiny devices are put into your tear ducts (tear drains) to prevent tears from draining. Instead, the fluid remains in the eye, helping to keep the ocular surface lubricated for extended periods of time. Most patients cannot feel the punctal plugs in their eyes within a few minutes of receiving them. Although complications are rare with punctal plugs, they can later be removed if so desired.

Speak to an Expert

While many patients assume they must soldier through dry eye, that is not the case. There are multiple ways to try to relieve your symptoms. Optima Eye will work with you to find the solution that works best for your unique eyes. Send an email or call 877-210-2020 ext. 3 to schedule a personal consultation with Bay Area LASIK and corneal specialist Mark Mandel, MD.