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Reasons to Get LASIK this Summer

Have you been considering LASIK for a while but always find a reason to put it off? Summer is a great time to have the procedure done. LASIK is quick, painless and involves a short recovery time, which means you can enjoy clearer vision just in time for summer this year. Bay Area LASIK specialist Mark Mandel, M.D., shares a few reasons why summer is a great time for LASIK.

Enjoy the Outdoors without Glasses or Contacts

Now that the weather is getting warmer, you are likely looking forward to spending more time outdoors. Whether you like to play sports, go hiking or lounge around the pool or beach, wearing glasses or contacts can be bothersome. Glasses can easily fog or break when you play any sport, while contacts can dry out your eyes, making outdoor time less enjoyable. With LASIK, you’ll be rid of these problems and then some. Additionally, wearing contact lenses while swimming can be a problem, which makes LASIK a great choice.

Travel More Comfortably

Are you planning your next summer getaway? Before taking off down the road or by plane, consider undergoing a quick and painless LASIK procedure. Forgetting your contacts at home or breaking your glasses on the road can be a hassle. What’s more, not being able to see clearly may make your vacation less enjoyable. LASIK surgery helps to make traveling less stressful. Additionally, airplanes create a dry environment for the eyes, causing problems for contact lens-wearers.

You’ll Be Ready for School in the Fall

Many students choose to have LASIK during the summer, and for good reason. Although the procedure is safe and involves a fast recovery, blurry vision can be a short-term side effect. With school out for the summer, scheduling LASIK becomes easier and students have more time off to allow their vision to fully stabilize and their eyes to recover comfortably. This means you will be ready to tackle the next school semester with crisp, clear vision. If you work, you may be already anticipating taking time off this summer. Most patients are able to return to work a day after LASIK surgery, but consider (if possible) taking a few days off from work while you take some time to recover.

Learn More about LASIK

The truth is, there is no better time to get LASIK than the present. To learn more about LASIK, schedule a personal consultation with Mark Mandel, M.D. Please email us today at

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