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Reasons You Should Not Put Off LASIK

Having performed over 70,000 LASIK procedures, LASIK and cornea specialist Mark Mandel, MD has been fortunate enough to hear many Bay Area LASIK patients tell him, “I wish I did this years ago!” Here he explains why — if you are already contemplating LASIK — logic states that you should act sooner than later.

It Is Permanent

For nearly all patients, the results from LASIK last the rest of their lives. This surgery is not the kind of procedure that improves your vision for 10 to 15 years so that you would want to give more consideration to the specific timing — forever is forever.

In that sense, delaying the procedure does not accomplish much. Allow your new eyewear-free lifestyle to commence as soon as possible.

It Is Better to Get LASIK When You Are Younger

The optimal candidate for LASIK is between the ages of 20 and 40 because by then your eyes have stabilized, you remain in overall good health, and you are unlikely to have developed age-related eye conditions that could impede the procedure.

Make no mistake, by no means does that mean people middle aged and older cannot or do not get LASIK in large numbers. Some people do not even have vision problems that would warrant getting LASIK until they are older.

During a consultation, Mark Mandel, MD can confirm whether you are a candidate for LASIK regardless of your age. However, if you plan to get LASIK at some point, now is the time!

It Could Be a Waste of Money to Not Do It

Although LASIK surgery is not inexpensive, many consider it a wise financial investment for long-term vision care. Comparing the cost of a few decades of contact lenses to LASIK, you likely come out ahead by choosing refractive surgery.

That is especially true if you know that you eventually plan to get LASIK. Every year that you continue to spend money on glasses and contacts before getting LASIK is money that was not necessary to spend. Remember, Optima Eye offers financing through CareCredit, so if your hesitation stems from not having the money available in lump sum, paying for LASIK now may be more feasible than you realized.

If you feel the motivation to finally make an appointment to discuss your own candidacy for LASIK, schedule a personal consultation with Bay Area LASIK and cornea specialist Mark Mandel, MD. Contact Optima Eye by emailing us or calling 877-210-2020 ext. 3 today.

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