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Treating Keratoconus with Intacs™: What You Should Know

Intacs™ in Castro Valley Keratoconus is an eye condition characterized by the outward bulging of the cornea, which also gets thinner as this occurs. Once the cornea has morphed from a rounded shape to a cone shape, it can cause a host of other issues, such as blurry vision, light sensitivity, and contact lens intolerance. The condition often progresses slowly over the years but is generally detectable as early as the teenage years. Patients with this condition may be confused about their treatment options; however, a path to clear vision is possible, even with keratoconus. Mark Mandel, MD, treats keratoconus with Intacs™ to improve the vision with contact lenses and possibly the quality of life of keratoconus patients at our practice locations in Hayward, Castro Valley, San Jose, and Concord. Get in touch with us to schedule your consultation. Learn more about the procedure below.

About Intacs™

Intacs™ are tiny, crescent-shaped medical devices that are designed to be inserted into the cornea. Once placed, they flatten out the bulging cornea, altering its shape while also reinforcing it. Once placed, Intacs™ can successfully reduce many of the keratoconus-related irregularities in the eye. The procedure can take as few as 20 minutes to complete and involves Mark Mandel, MD, placing the Intacs™ beneath the corneal surface. The eye is completely numbed beforehand, ensuring patients have a comfortable and stress-free experience.

Will I Still Need Glasses?

To achieve clear, functional vision, patients will still require vision correction. While the procedure does not eliminate a patient’s reliance on glasses or contact lenses, Intacs™ make it possible to comfortably wear contact lenses for longer periods of time. This is often a great improvement for patients who were previously unable to wear contact lenses due to discomfort or poor fit from their keratoconus.

Are Intacs™ Right for Me?

Keratoconus gets progressively worse as time goes on, especially without treatment. Some patients discover that treatment methods that were effective in the past are no longer working for them with respect to the current state of their keratoconus. If the condition has progressed past a certain state and is impacting your daily life, Intacs™ can help you manage your keratoconus. Mark Mandel, MD, can also recommend other keratoconus treatment options to halt the progression of the condition, such as corneal collagen crosslinking. During your consultation Mark Mandel, MD, will craft a complete keratoconus treatment plan to help you experience the best vision possible.

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