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Eye Water Safety for Summer

With summer nearly here, it’s the perfect time to plan for enjoying the California sun. If these activities include swimming in the ocean or a pool, then you may want to consider how to protect your eyes from bacteria and other debris found in water. Here are some tips that will keep your eyes clear all season long.

Get Protected with Swimming Goggles

Swimming goggles protect the eyes from chlorine and other chemicals in a swimming pool, and bacteria and debris when swimming in an ocean or a lake. These elements that are present in the water can irritate the eyes or even cause an eye condition to develop. In addition to protecting the eyes from the elements, swimming goggles improve vision while underwater, and allow those who wear contact lenses to swim without worrying about losing a contact while underwater.

A Choice of Lenses

Swimming goggles come in a variety of lens colors. The type of lens you choose will depend on what function you would like them to have while swimming, as well as the conditions that you will be in. For example, clear or light-colored lenses work best if you’re swimming indoors, as they will allow the most amount of light through the lens, for better visibility. Dark-colored lenses are your best bet if you are swimming outdoors and want to reduce glare from the sun and from its reflection on the water.

Finding the Right Fit

With all of the shapes, sizes and colors of swimming goggles on the market, it can be a daunting task to know what to look for when shopping for a pair. Here are some questions to ask yourself when you are trying on goggles to find the right fit for your face:

  • Does the eyepiece fit comfortably over my eye, without too much suction?
  • Do the straps fit tight around my head, but without cutting into it?
  • Are the straps at eye level or above, or do they fall below (indicating a bad fit)?
  • Is the nosepiece too tight, and/or rubbing against the bridge of my nose?

Get Your Eyes Checked This Summer

Would you like to learn more about how to keep your eyes healthy this summer? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Mandel and get a thorough eye exam. Call OPTIMA today at 877-210-2020 ext. 3.

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