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Protect Your Eyes from Summertime Dangers

By now you are aware that the sun can take a toll on your skin. But did you know your eyes are also at risk of sun damage? In addition, the summer season brings with it certain dangers that can put your eye health at risk. San Jose LASIK expert Dr. Mark Mandel outlines summer eye health risks. Before you step outside to enjoy the sun, take a moment to read these tips on how to keep your eyes happy and healthy during the summer season.

Wear the Right Sunglasses

Numerous studies have linked overexposure to the sun to a heightened risk of certain eye conditions including cataracts, pterygia and macular degeneration. Overexposure to the sun also puts your eyes at risk of photokeratitis, a painful eye condition similar to a sunburn. Safeguard your eyes from the sun by wearing a pair of sunglasses that offer 100 percent UV protection. Wraparound and large frame sunglasses are a good option as they limit the amount of rays that can reach the eyes at all angles. The sun never rests so be sure to wear your sunglasses even during overcast and cold weather.

Avoid Eye Injuries

According to research, approximately 90 percent of all eye injuries can be avoided with the proper protection. If you are planning on playing outdoor sports or working repair projects around the house, cover your eyes with the right protection. For sports like baseball, sports sunglasses with polycarbonate lenses offer the best protection because they are high impact resistant and offer 100 percent UV protection. For home improvement and gardening projects like mowing, be sure to wear protective goggles. This can drastically reduce your risk of an injury due to debris or unexpected objects hitting the face and eyes. Additionally, stay away from fireworks, as they can cause a serious eye injury that can end in blindness!

Protect Your Eyes from Infection

Before taking a swim this summer, be sure to grab a pair of water goggles. Swimming, surfing and scuba diving are all popular summertime water activities that bring with them a risk of eye infection due to chemicals and bacteria. If you wear contact lenses, you must take them out before getting into the water.

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